It’s All about Umrah (Part 1)

It_s All about Umrah

Umrah is a lesser or minor pilgrimage that is not obligatory to perform and there is not any fixed time or month to perform it like Hajj, it can be perfored throughout the year. We all should keep this mind that practically performing Umrah is quite different and more challenging than studying just theory.

The Stages of Performing Umrah:
In order to understand the complete process and procedure of performing Umrah, we should know all the steps involved.

* Visiting Holy Makkah,
* Getting into the sacred state of Ihram,
* Pronouncing the Intention or Niyyat,
* Doing Tawaaf or circumambulation around the Holy Kaaba seven times,
* Drinking blessed water of Zamzam,
* performing Saaee, running or walking seven lengths from hill of Safa to Marwah,
* Halq or Taqseer, this is shaving of the head hairs (for men) and trimming from the edges about an inch (for women).

If we are financially and physical able to travel makkah to perform Umrah, and are sure about that we can leave enough provision for our families when we will be in Makkah, its time to get prepared spiritually. By Umrah, a person can get great rewards and blessings tastes, following are few things that a person must do before going for Umrah.

*   Paying all debts:

It’s also important, before going to Umrah that we have cleared all our debts that we owe others. Settlements of debts are necessary because only ALLAH Almighty knows that we will be able to return back to our home and family. Another very important reason of clearing all debt is that if we are indebted, then, we religiously do not qualify to go for performing Umrah, and a person can also not go for umrah with borrowed money.

* Ask permission:

Its manners to ask permission, employees should ask for their employers’ permission before deciding to go for Umrah. It’s absolutely wise and respectful, to inform and seek their permission, blessings and approval before going to Umrah or Hajj. Women are bound to go with their Mehram i.e., Father, husband, son, brother or any other mehram, he must be a Muslim mentally able, matured and fit.

Ask forgiveness from others:

Before leaving for Umrah, Muslims should seek forgiveness from others, whom we might have fought, hurt offended and say to them to pray for their safe sacred journey.

Giving charity: 

Sadaqah is a great form of charity because it keeps us away from all evils and secures us if anything bad going to happen. We should give charity to poor and needy to increase good deeds. Sadaqah is not just done by giving money to someone but helping other or making them smile is also charity.

Umrah is a sacred journey to Makkah and not mandatory in Islam religion but Umrah is very important in the life of Muslims. With aim to provide the pilgrims with the best and complete Umrah services, we now offer our customers reasonable and cheap Umrah Packages with Flights. So you don’t miss a chance and visit us to get the deals.

It’s All about Umrah (Part 2)


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